Monday, October 13, 2008


My mother and her husband who live on a truly beautiful 5 acres of land, recently decided to invest in some four legged lawn mowers! Robert carefully researched many breeds before settling on the Black Dauper. One of the reasons being that they do not need shearing, as they molt! We have been excitedly awaiting the lambing season. Bibly and Koala were hopeful that one or two might give birth while they visited for the holidays. Unfortunately Bilby missed out only by a few nights! Poppy was sure that one of his ewes was carrying twins, as is common for the bred. Sure enough, last night my Mum and Robert were fortunate enough to witness the birth! Unfortunately though the ewe had a pro-lapse and needed veterinary help.

Mum, generously decided to collect Bilby and Koala and take them to "the farm" to see the new additions, and to watch the vet at work! Consequently on our first day of the new term, we didn't achieve everything on our list, but they were able to experience something which I'm sure few schooled children would have had the opportunity to witness, at the drop of a hat.

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