Thursday, October 2, 2008


Koala received the sacrament of reconciliation on 16th August. It was wonderful to watch his excitement build as he prepared for the big day. He was somewhat concerned that he would need to recite EVERY sin he had ever committed! As I reassured him many times that it wasn't necessary to stress over every sin, it did cross my mind that he may be in the confessional for a very long time! In his excitement to be washed clean, he did forget a few of the things I had taught him. He forgot to close the door to the sacristy (we do not have a traditional confessional) and he forgot to sit or knell!

I had taken pains to explain the importance to thanking Jesus for the gift of the sacrament and saying his penance in a prayerful manner. I had told him that we say our penance in front of the Blessed Sacrament right after we leave the confessional. I hadn't taken into account Koala's literal interpretation of language. Upon leaving the confessional he began to mount the steps of the sanctuary, to say his penance directly in front of the tabernacle!

Koala loves going to confession. My prayer for him is that this passion for the sacrament will not waver.

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