Thursday, July 16, 2015

7 Quick Takes Vol 4

7 Quick Takes 

1. We have been blessed to have the Traditional Latin Mass once again offered in our Diocese. The more I have the opportunity to hear Mass in the extraordinary form, the more I fall in love with it. It is becoming easier to follow, and the beauty of the liturgy has captured my heart. This love of the traditional Mass hasn't come quickly. I think many people claim to not like Latin Mass because they do not give it time. Being a lover of history, I enjoy knowing that the traditional Mass I am participating in is the same one which countless people over the centuries, and across the world have celebrated. If only people would look beyond their unfounded assumption that the traditional Mass is somehow a rejection of Vatican II, and that going to a Latin Mass means that you are somehow stuck in the past. That kind of false thinking drives me nuts!

2. Term 3 beings tomorrow, and I feel totally unprepared! The first week of the holidays I was recovering from having two wisdom teeth removed under a general anaesthetic. The second week saw us catching up with friends, and camping on the final weekend, when I should be planning! I find that I really need a short amount of time to just collect my thoughts about the coming term, and to put my plans on paper, even when those plans are often just a continuation of what we have already been doing, with just a little tweaking. 

This term however, I feel a little extra pressure as Bilby only has two terms before I think he will finish his home education journey. We will start Sonlight 20th Century World History, even though we may not finish it before he may begin studying at TAFE. I want to lap up the time we have with all three children at home together.

3. This week end Koala is visiting a friend in Canberra, and Bilby, is visiting a good friend in Goulburn. They were able to travel on the train together most of the way, which eased my anxiety about Koala taking his first big trip away. It occurred to me that with the older two boys away, James, Roo, and myself should go away too. I picked James up from work on Friday afternoon with the camper trailer attached to the car, and we had a week end in Port Stephens. It certainly is different with just one child. We have a lot more space, and less squabbling!

4. Bilby has been considering working in an early childhood setting. Last term he did some work experience at his old preschool, where some of the staff remembered him! He has always had an affinity with little ones, and he has enjoyed his time at the preschool. Perhaps study in this area is something he may consider next year.

5. My study is finally finished! The final touch was a wall sticker quote from a Robert Frost poem. "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference."  I think this quote sums up our lives as Christians, and home educators. The other quote I nearly went with was from St Catherine of 
Siena, "If you are who you are meant to be you will set the whole world ablaze." I will definitely be using St Catherine's quote at a later date. I will post pictures of my beautiful study soon. It's my favourite room in our new home, and I just love having a dedicated homeschool room in which to put our books etc after years of schooling in our dining room.

6. Bilby has started to learn to drive. At first I had to push him to both get his licence, and to get behind the wheel, but now he is keen to get his hours up. Thus far it has been a pleasure, and much less stressful than I had been anticipating!

7. I am feeling very blessed at the moment as one of the children have come though a difficult period with his faith intact, and vastly strengthened. It has reminded me of how important suffering can be, and how we must lean into Our Lord when things get tough. I recall praying about this situation, when we were in the thick of it, and I felt God telling me that my son was still the same child despite the situation we were facing, and to not worry. Times when I feel God speaking to me are very rare, so this was precious. I held onto that knowing, when things were overwhelming. My prayers were answered, and my son, has emerged stronger, and with his faith renewed and redoubled! God is good, even in the midst of suffering.

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