Monday, September 15, 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook (vol1)

Here is my tweaked version of The Simple Woman's Daybook. I have borrowed a few of Erin's additions!

Outside My Window

The temperature has begun to rise, and the sun is appearing earlier which means I have started to walk again. I have really missed walking over winter, when it was too cold for me to go for an early walk, and when the motivation to go had evaporated by the time it warmed up.

I am thankful for

My level of energy. Now that my health has started to improve, I seem to be able to stay up longer when there is something to stay up for, and not pay for it all the following day. A few night ago I sat up until midnight researching a new history curriculum, and the next day I felt only slightly tired rather than wiped out.

I am going

This evening I am going to my friend Fiona's home to see a demo of the new model Thermomix.

I am reading

Postcard From The Volcano by Lucy Becket. I am enjoying it enormously. Wishing I had more time to devote to it though. I think it will take a another few weeks to finish.

I am looking forward to

Taking our new camper trailer away for 5 nights. We are only going local as James has no leave, so we are staying close to his work, which is close to the wonderful holiday location of Port Stephens. I'm planning to read a lot, both for myself, and to the boys.

I am pondering

How fast time goes, and how little time I have left to achieve all that I want to with Roo, before his formal education is over. Looking back to when the older boys were his age, I see that I let time slip away, and didn't get around to doing some of the things I wanted to, such as art appreciation and creation, living the liturgical year etc. I am trying to be more intentional with these things for Roo.

I am listening to

Conversations With Richard Fidler. This morning while walking I listened to an interview about great speeches. Right up my alley.

I am struggling

With patience. Both with the children, and with wanting to achieve more from my to do list.

Celebrating the liturgical year

Yesterday Roo watched the video Sunday Mass preparation video from Holy Heroes, and colouring sheet. I intended to make very simple crosses (Feast of The Exaltation of the Cross) made by cutting wafer biscuits, but we arrived home too late from Life Teen Mass to have dessert, so we did it today. It was certainly simple enough!

I am praying

For my Mother-in-law's companion who has been diagnosed with cancer, and for my sister-in-laws step daughter whose brain tumor has returned. We only found out today. We also continue to pray for Christians in the middle east.

A favourite quote for today

"Since Christ Himself has said, "This is My Body" who shall dare to doubt that it is His Body?" St Cyril of Jerusalem.

A few plans for the rest of the week

On Friday we are finishing the term by visiting fellow homeschool friends who are hosting a morning tea for Catherine Hamlin's hospital in Ethiopia. Roo is really looking forward to seeing his friend Joseph, and playing in their lovely garden which he is very fond of!

A peek into my day

This was taken two weeks ago at the North Coast Catholic Homeschool camp. We had a fantastic time!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes (vol 3)

I know it's been a year between posts, but this time I am determined to get back into blogging. I've cleaned out my Face Book friends and pages, and I am intending to spend my net time in the blogosphere.
We have just returned from the North Coast Catholic Homeschoolers camp, and I am feeling refreshed, and energised. I love that I always feel enthused and ready for change, after I return from camp. Having time away to pray, ponder, and connect with like minded families, allows me the time to reassess where we are headed, and to make a few changes. I am feeling that there are not enough free hours in the day at the moment to accomplish all that is on my to do list!
We are building a house, which we should be moving into by the end of November! After a VERY slow start it is taking shape, and we are starting to get excited about this new time on our lives. I'll blog about this in more detail later, as what we are doing is somewhat unconventional.
In preparation for said house, we have started to look at new furniture. Last night we put a deposit on our very first new lounge, which is rather exciting! The house will also have a dedicated study, for us to put all our educational supplies and curriculum rather than our dining room doubling as a work space, as it is now. I am sooo excited about this room! Its the only room in the house that I know EXACTLY how I want it to look. I have started to look for a lounge and desk for this study (I don't like the word study, but schoolroom isn't right either. Any suggestions?).
In the last few months I have removed dairy from my diet, and I am loving the results. I no longer get a runny nose in the morning, headaches, or find it difficult to get moving in the morning. I has been VERY difficult to give up cappuccino, yoghurt, and cheese, but I just love the way I feel. I recently did a trial, and my eye puffed up, I had a headache, and felt terrible for most of the morning, so I know that I can no longer eat dairy. I small price to pay for feeling great!
I've discovered Jo Witton's Quirky Cooking cook book, which as made the whole dairy free process so much more enjoyable. Macadamia "cheese" is fantastic, as is her dairy free custard made with coconut milk.
I am just loving life at the moment! The challenges faced by one of the boys this time last year have mostly been resolved which is a huge load of the family shoulders. Everyone is in a good place, and life is good. Feeling extremely blessed!
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