Sunday, November 15, 2009

He's Done it!

The last few weeks have seen Roo achieve two long awaited goals.

For months now, Roo has been using the echolalic phrase"Yes Sir," in response to every question that requires a simple "yes" and many other questions or comments that don't require a "yes." It all began innocently enough while Bilby and Roo were playing, and Bilby thought it sounded cute when Roo said "Yes Sir!" Bilby encouraged Roo to say it a few times and it stuck despite many, many attempts to dissuade him. Every time he said "Yes Sir," we would model the correct response. I was beginning to wonder if he would ever abandon it! This week I have noticed that he is simply saying "Yes." I have to restrain myself from praising him for not saying "Yes Sir," which could bring us back to square one.

Roo's second achievement is that he has started to use the toilet for bowel motions. Granted this is not the most pleasant blog topic, but as it's such a big step and one that we have worked so hard to help him achieve, I feel it's worth noting. I wanted to shout it from the roof top, but it's not something you can tell everyone without getting odd looks! Perhaps my sharing it here will encourage another family dealing with this issue who is wondering if they'll ever say good-bye to nappies. There was no magic solution for this one, just consistent encouragement, loads of patience and a few lollies!