Thursday, October 1, 2015

7 Quick Takes vol 5

We are at the end of term 3 school holidays. I have hardly seen my two eldest sons. In the first week of the holidays they attended a two night camp run by Youth Mission Team. During the this time Bilby called me to say there was another, longer camp running the following week in Canberra, which is a about seven hours south of us by train. I protested that they are already booked in to many Catholic camps this year, and perhaps they can't go to every wonderful thing on offer. In the end we relented, and they traveled by train with a local friend. I find it a little funny that my 17 and 15 year old sons aren't pushing to be allowed to go to parties, and concerts, but to as many Catholic camps as they can! We must have done somethings right.

Yesterday we caught up with friends from the upper Hunter. Roo has developed a friendship with one of their children, but at times it can be tenuous. I was a little worried that Roo would announce that he wanted nothing to do with said friend after a spat the last time they were together, when he repeatedly announced that the friendship was over. Thankfully it was all forgotten, and they had a great time together. We went to a trampoline park, home for a quick lunch, then a quick visit to the beach.
I've discovered that I can no longer eat potatoes. I suspected that I may have a problem with night shades, and have avoided then. After avoiding them for some weeks, I reintroduced them, and now know that they cause me trouble. I get an uncomfortable painful tender spot under my ribcage (liver perhaps?) and puffy eyes when I eat them.
Speaking of food, I have spent these holidays learning as much as I can about the GAPS diet. I've decided that Roo and myself, and hopefully Koala, will begin in the next few months. I am scared because its a big commitment, but also very excited because I know that it's going to help us in many ways. I'll be blogging about it when we begin.
Last month we attend the North Coast Catholic Homeschool Camp which was held in a new location near Coffs Harbour which meant we were able to drive there in one sitting rather than having to break it into two days of travelling. We had a lovely relaxed time. Koala had his first all nighter, which is a speciality of this camp for the older children. They even had the good fortune to see a wild platypus at 5am, which not many people can claim to have experienced.
Frances and Chris from The Culture Project spent the week with us at camp, which was a wonderful blessing! They have several sessions with the older children talking about chastity, abortion and so forth. Frances was homeschooled and attending the camp for many years with her family, so it was lovely to see her back witnessing to us all. She is an amazing young woman who is changing the world.
A few weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised when I asked Bilby if he would prefer to go to our local Novus Ordo Mass or attend the Traditional Latin Mass with Koala and myself. He chose the TLM. So much for traditional forms of worship not being engaging enough for modern young people!

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