Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Answered Prayer!

Today the Lord swiftly answered another prayer for our family! Roo, our youngest, attends a wonderful community preschool 2 days a week, and an Early Intervention service one day a week. (Very un-homeschool-ish of us I know.) We recently learned that next year, Roo's early intervention day would have to change to a Monday. Unfortunately however I had told preschool that we would like him to go on a Monday and Tuesday. This meant that he could no longer have two consecutive days at preschool. This would be a problem as he would not have continuity of staff, which I knew would be important for him. I asked the director if she could approach some families who might be willing to swap their days for Roo. A few hours later she informed me that someone had agreed, and Roo could now attend preschool on a Thursday and Friday! I'm so grateful to this name less family.

What was also lovely about this happy affair, was that Bilby, Koala and I spent some time together in prayer after I had spoken to the director. They were able to see God working in our lives through our prayers.

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