Friday, January 9, 2009

An Afternoon with Miss Potter.

Bilby and I have just spent an hour or two enjoying some of Beatrix Potter's delightful children's stories. I am usually the one who introduces Bilby to a new author, but not this time!

Just as old Mr Bunny, in The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, "had no opinion whatever of cats." I had no opinion of Miss Potter. I have never taken the time to read her work, even though her life story has intrigued me after watching a documentary about her life and the difficult relationship she had with her mother. All long before the recent movie Miss Potter.

My son however, has long been a fan. His interest was sparked by the beautiful children' television series he has enjoyed watching. Despite not being a big reader, I would often find him snuggled up on his bed with a collection of her stories!

Today I took some old favourites from the children's' bookshelf intending to recapture the times when Bilby was a toddler and a great lover of a good story. Bibly however, pulled out his favourite edition of Miss Potter's stories. I was delighted when he offered to read me a story! We then took turns reading to each other. I greatly enjoyed seeing the sparkle in Bibly's eyes as he read his favourite parts. All in the school holidays!

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Anne (aussieannie) said...

We love Peter Rabbit and friends, we particularly love the ABC series, they are so gentle and delightful, I put them on in the house when I want peace, calm and gentleness.