Thursday, January 29, 2009

Money for Books.

At present neither Bilby or Koala are interested in reading for pleasure. However I have a little scheme which I hope will change that. I am offering them cash for each book read. This offer has been on the table for some time, but wasn't taken up until I suggested to them that they could use the money to pay for a monthly Club Penguin membership. This was just the motivation they needed.

This afternoon we have had a very quiet home. Not only have they been practising their reading skills, but their negotiation skills also. We have been haggling over what each book is worth! The average price seems to be $2.00. Koala is reading a gem form my childhood, one of the Choose Your Own Adventure series. We settled on .50c per story. Judging by the rapidity with which he is reading the book, I think we may have set the price slightly too high. I may have to visit the bank tomorrow! It is likely that these books fall into the twaddle category, but I remember them with great fondness as a struggling reader myself. Fortunately I graduated to Shakespeare, Austin and the like.

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I've tried all sorts of plans too over the years. I say whatever works:)