Monday, March 30, 2009

My Boy is Eleven!

On Sunday we celebrated Bilby's 11th birthday! We had a very full and happy day. My husbands Mum, Jane, joined us for the week end which was a lovely blessing for us all.

The day began very early, with presents. He was particularly taken with the plush Red Panda I found at the Taronga Zoo on-line store. Bilby has taken a real interest in Red Pandas so we've planned a Red Panda lap-book next term.

At the end of Mass, Father Brady asked Bilby to come out the front where he told everyone that he was celebrating his 11th birthday. Father asked everyone to sing him happy birthday, which caused Bilby to turn a pleasant shade of red! I thought this was a lovely way to acknowledge his contribution to our community, as he serves on the alter very often as we have very few alter servers at our Mass.

Following Mass, we headed off to our Regional Show.

Bilby has always had a cautious nature, and has never been very interested in fast and thrilling rides! When he was little I nick named him "safety boy." Koala made up for his lack of daring in full measure, and hence he was nick named "danger boy." So it was a big step for Bilby to face his fears and take on the Farris Wheel! Once he realised that he was quite safe, he had a ball!

Roo was taken with the animal nursery, especially the piglets and sheep. He also had a great time on the Cup and Saucer ride with Granny Jane!

Koala had his yearning for speed and thrill satisfied! Can you guess which parent he gets it from?

No show is complete without a show bag! At least this one will last longer then 5 minutes! It's a Ben 10 satchel filled with lots of goodies. Koala chose a Wall-E show bag.
We also chanced to meet a young man from our parish, Adam who had come to the show alone, so we invited him to join us. He joined Bilby in a game of laser challenge, which looked like great fun! Adam firmly believes he has a vocation to the priesthood, and plans to begin his studies in a year or so. Adam has asked for prayer, so please join with me in praying for him. He will make a wonderful priest.

Tired and happy we made our way home, before Bilby and I prepared to head off again to celebrate with one of his homeschool friends who also celebrated his birthday on the same day!

We returned home once more to cut the birthday cake after a great day.

We love you very much son!


Tan said...

Awww sounds like you guys had a wonderful time! What a gorgeous photo too! I think my little Koala is a Safety boy too although he is hanging to try out the Ferris Wheel. I was going to bring the kids to the show but my Koala had Scouts camp. I took Cinders to the Nostalgia Festival, which was great! :o)
Talk soon sis,
Love Tan

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous, I wish I'd been able to go with you all, but I'm pleased Jane shared the day with you. Lovely pictures too.

Suzanne said...

I thought about Koala all day Sunday. I was remembering the Sunday he was born, what a beautifully joyous event, tinged with great sadness that his Granddad hadn't lived to experience his Princess bringing her first born into this world. He would have been sooooooo proud. He was there, but we could not see him, only feel his enormous presence. I went home sat in his dialysis chair and cried my heart out. One of the best days since then was when Koala said when asking questions about his Granddad "I wish he was still here". So do we all darling. I love all my children, I'm proud to be your Mum, Mum in-law and Grandmother.

Suzanne said...

Typical of Grandma ... it wasn't Koala's birthday ... it was Bilby's, but you knew that I knew that! I just got the nicknames wrong ... and I'm not even so very old! All my love.