Wednesday, September 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes (vol 3)

I know it's been a year between posts, but this time I am determined to get back into blogging. I've cleaned out my Face Book friends and pages, and I am intending to spend my net time in the blogosphere.
We have just returned from the North Coast Catholic Homeschoolers camp, and I am feeling refreshed, and energised. I love that I always feel enthused and ready for change, after I return from camp. Having time away to pray, ponder, and connect with like minded families, allows me the time to reassess where we are headed, and to make a few changes. I am feeling that there are not enough free hours in the day at the moment to accomplish all that is on my to do list!
We are building a house, which we should be moving into by the end of November! After a VERY slow start it is taking shape, and we are starting to get excited about this new time on our lives. I'll blog about this in more detail later, as what we are doing is somewhat unconventional.
In preparation for said house, we have started to look at new furniture. Last night we put a deposit on our very first new lounge, which is rather exciting! The house will also have a dedicated study, for us to put all our educational supplies and curriculum rather than our dining room doubling as a work space, as it is now. I am sooo excited about this room! Its the only room in the house that I know EXACTLY how I want it to look. I have started to look for a lounge and desk for this study (I don't like the word study, but schoolroom isn't right either. Any suggestions?).
In the last few months I have removed dairy from my diet, and I am loving the results. I no longer get a runny nose in the morning, headaches, or find it difficult to get moving in the morning. I has been VERY difficult to give up cappuccino, yoghurt, and cheese, but I just love the way I feel. I recently did a trial, and my eye puffed up, I had a headache, and felt terrible for most of the morning, so I know that I can no longer eat dairy. I small price to pay for feeling great!
I've discovered Jo Witton's Quirky Cooking cook book, which as made the whole dairy free process so much more enjoyable. Macadamia "cheese" is fantastic, as is her dairy free custard made with coconut milk.
I am just loving life at the moment! The challenges faced by one of the boys this time last year have mostly been resolved which is a huge load of the family shoulders. Everyone is in a good place, and life is good. Feeling extremely blessed!
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Erin said...

so glad you enjoyed camp:)
very exciting re your house!!
I have a learning room, also have library, do either of those names appeal?