Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September Photo Journal

We have not long arrived home from a mini holiday, and the North Coast Catholic Homeschool camp, where Roo made his First Holy Communion.

Ready to recieve First Holy Communion.

It's difficult to get everyone looking their best!
 The medal  Roo is wearing belonged to my maternal Grandmother, who wore it on her First Holy Communion day, which is rather a special thing to still have, and be able to use. I was a little nostalgic on the day as Roo, is probably the last child I will prepare to receive First Holy Communion.
 After camp we spent some time with our good friends Sonia and Patrick and their beautiful family.

Bilby and our Godson. All the little ones just love Bilby. He is fantastic with little ones.
We spent a day at Dreamworld, and I am happy to say that  being over 40 has not stopped me from indulging in my passion for thrill rides! With the exception of rides that spin. Koala takes after me, which meant we spent most of the day together on some very scary rides. We had a blast! The photo below was taken on our last visit when Koala was just 5. The look on his face in the photo is priceless!
Koala aged 5. One of my all time favorite photos!
 We just had to take the photo again, 8 year later!

Koala ages 13
 We had a great time away!

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Kez said...

Congratulations Roo!

Glad you had a great time away, Tricia :)