Thursday, May 7, 2009


This week has brought several long hoped for blessings. I took Roo to our home education gymnastics class and stayed with him during the lesson for extra support. I thought at best be would last 30 minutes, before he would run off and attempt to do his own thing. He lasted the whole hour! He did everything the other children did with a huge smile on his face. Once or twice he even pushed me away with a " You go over there." The only thing he needed me for was to simplify the language of the coach. He loved every minute of it and can't wait to go back next week.

Yesterday at preschool I was told that Roo had made a friend. A younger boy who has very little english as he his family have recently immigrated to Australia. The teachers helped Roo to invite his friends to play in the sandpit with him, and Roo helped his friend find a teacher when he was crying.

Roo is becoming a real chatterbox. His language has certainly taken off in the last month. Much of what he says I can understand with little difficulty. I frequently find myself smiling and praising God for all the cute little things he is saying. It's been a long wait, but how sweet it is to hear him speak!


Anne (aussieannie) said...

That is the loveliest news Tricia and what a beautiful boy he is!

myheartsathome said...

I am so pleased for you all Tricia!! You are such a great mum - it is good to see your hard work paying off.

grandma said...

He is a beautiful boy, it was lovely to have him at Grandma and Poppy's place yesterday for the day. First time for a couple of months, we had a great time together cooking and he liked his bath before going home. I too love to hear him speak. The butcher gave him a frankfurt and I understood him say "keep, Mummy will BBQ" and said to the butcher "pay later". The butcher had given it to him as soon as we walked in so I guess Riley thought anything one took before getting to a check-out must be paid for. I love it when I get close to him when he is on the small kitchen ladder, and he automatically puts his arm around my neck and has his face touch mine. thank you for three beautiful grandsons T and J.