Monday, September 27, 2010

September Happenings.

Bibly, Koala and I made the seven hour drive north to attend Lennox Head Catholic Homeschoolers camp. It's the second time we have made the journey to this camp and once again it was worth the effort. The boys enjoyed lots of time at the beach and time spent with old and new friends. We were blessed to have daily Mass in the Traditional rite, rosary, and benediction. Bilby was so tired that by the final night be put himself to bed at 7.10pm and missed the sports day certificate presentation followed by the long awaited bonfire. I couldn't believe it!

While at camp Bilby received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Unfortunately James was not able to be there as he had to stay home to work and care for Roo.

After camp we took the opportunity to take a family holiday on the Gold Coast. James and Roo flew up on the Friday, and we picked them up at the airport. Roo was a little apprehensive about the noise of the flight so his teacher made him a social story about the flight. She even lent us a cute pair of ear muffs. Roo wasn't fazed by the noise, but was unsettled by being so high off the ground, something which we had neglected to talk about!

We stayed in a lovely holiday home right on the river which we explored in a tinney. Bilby was very serious about his navigation of the river!

Roo particularly enjoyed watching the tides, playing in the river and and feeding the little fish from the jetty.

On Sunday we made a pilgrimage to Marian Valley which I have wanted to do for many years. It is such a beautiful place! Below is the final Station of the Cross which is just so beautiful.

We also spent half a day with dear friends who moved to Brisbane just over a year ago. Isn't our Godson just gorgeous!

On our final night we visited James' sister, her husband and their two boys whom we haven't seen for over two years. It was a wonderful way to end our holiday and the boys really enjoyed spending time with their two cousins. Both James and I went away wishing we lived closer.